Mermaid Bazaar? Yes please!

Mermaid Bazaar? Yes please!

Sooo... apparently San Marcos and Mermaids have a history? And twice a month March through December they are home to the Mermaid Bazaar at Wonderworld Cave and Adventure. And that is where Mila Stella set up shop yesterday! 

Let me back track for a moment... a story if you will...

Picture this.. I'm prepping and getting more product made for the event. 2 days before show time. When, mid sew, the peddle for my sewing machine *clicks* and then no longer responds. What. The. Heck. Thankfully Amazon had the peddle in stock, and THANKFULLY I live in an area with next day delivery, so the next afternoon I was able to finish up what I started. Whew right?!


Outside. In Texas. In July. It was hotttt. But fun, and successful! It was a good group of not quite a dozen vendors in a nice little faux grassy area beneath the trees. I loved it, and I'll definitely be attending again!

Here's a little set up, it's getting better with each show. :) I'd LOVE to find a dog figure/statue that's lightweight and can sit on the table or next to it, and model a collar with a bow. Super cute right? 

Now, tips I need to remember for my next OUTDOOR show...

  • a handheld mister fan thing - which I actually DID try to find, but they were out of stock everywhere I looked!
  • water, water, water... thankfully my husband dropped by with new cold water bottles
  • someone (again my awesome husband) that drops by with a cold treat (a Frosty!) is pretty amazing too!

Soo.. that was my first Mermaid Bazaar, also my first outdoor show - and it won't be my last! Happy 4th!