Mila Stella at Gruene Lokal Marketplatz

Mila Stella At Gruene Lokal Marketplatz

We were out at Gruene Lokal Marketplatz in Gruene, TX this past Saturday. It was a HOT day here in South Texas and my poor right side is nice and sun burned after being out in it for nine hours. Note to self: MORE sunscreen! 
Mila Stella at Gruene Lokal Marketplatz
Despite the heat, it was a steady flow of traffic - both people and vehicles - out enjoying the day.
At our Mermaid Bazaar event, we had lots of requests for smaller sizes, so we came prepared with those. We also brought NECKTIES back! Lots of ooohs and aaahhhhs over the cuteness. I mean, have you SEEN how small the small necktie is? It's adorable! Perfect for a small dog or even a cat!
Mila Stella dog bowties & dog neckties
Lots of pups were out with their humans! From big Golden Retrievers to little Dachshunds and Pomeranians. All were super cute of course!
Mila Stella dog bowties  Mila Stella dog bowties
Are you a business owner thinking of taking on outdoor events? Here's our tips learned from THIS event in particular...

  • If your spot is on the grass - if you aren't sure, ASK!
       - bring mosquito spray
       - consider a tarp or outdoor rug
  • Handheld misting fans! I'm not sure what would have done without ours!
       - backup batteries for the fans, we killed the batteries on ours!
  • Bring more water than you think you'll need
       - especially if you're using the misting fans, you'll need water for those too!
  • Consider coloring sheets wrapped with a crayon (as long as it's not too hot to melt it) or a logo or related stickers for the kids
       - with their parent's permission of course.

Here's a TikTok of the event - make sure you're following us at @ milastelladogbows!

Where can you find Mila Stella next? Bandera Market's Dog Day on Friday August 20!

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