Our first Live event!

Our first Live event!

We had the pleasure of hanging out at new local pet shop's The Hindquarters Pet Supply social club last night in San Marcos! It was a short notice decision on our part, so the week was busy making product...

It was a VERY hot evening here in Texas - but it was so fun being out among other dog people and dog businesses. And there were so many dogs to awwww over!


Mila Stella dog bows at vendor event

^^^ there's our table - cute, looks nice, but I'm going to have to brainstorm something to add height so that people can see product and draw them in. The sign helps though!

Puppy wearing Mila Stella dog bow

^^ Here's our first cutie pup-customer of the evening! She was such a tiny sweetheart!

What did we learn at our first event? 

  • Not EVERYONE uses cards - yet. Carry more change!
  • Think of something to add height to our table
  • Grateful I had our sign made awhile back - it definitely helped!
  • In Texas heat, bring a fan or one of those little water bottle mister fans to keep cool!

 We had some sales and we had fun - I'm calling it a success! :)