Small dogs wear bow ties too!

Small dogs wear bow ties too!

Over the last weekend I had a few dog parents concerned that their pup was too small to wear a bow tie. So I thought I'd throw some pics out there showing that YES they CAN, and they look just as adorable as their larger pals that wear them! :)

This guy's wearing our orange and black Halloween plaid bow in the Original size...

small dog in bow tie

This pup is wearing our Tuxedo Black bow tie for a wedding!

dog in wedding with bow tie

This cutie is wearing a now retired pineapple print. Isn't he adorable?!

chihuahua in bowtie

So you see... large or small, your pup can wear a bow tie and look just as cute! :) And we'd LOVE to see pics! Tag us on your preferred social media and you just may find your pup featured on our website or social media. 

Have an amazing day!