Top 10 Summer Bow Ties For Dogs

Top 10 Summer Bow Ties For Dogs

It's nearly August so I felt like it was past time to do a TOP 10 of Mila Stella's bow{ties} perfect for SUMMER! Fall is right around the corner already right?! Time flies! 
So, without further delay... in no particular order...



1.    Lemon :: Cheerful and light, just like lemonade!

2.    Watermelon ::  I mean, of course right? The fruit mascot of summer! Or at           least a contender with the lemon right?


3.    Bright Brushstrokes :: Simply because this one is so bright and full of happy colors

4.    Black & White Gingham :: I get series picnic-y vibes from this one, and if not this one, then definitely the Red Gingham


5.    Cactus :: This one just brings to mind hot summers! We're in Texas, so it gets crazy hot here ><

6.    Daisies :: Aren't daisies just the happiest flower?! 

7.    Bee Hive :: Does this one really need an explanation?

8.    Fruit :: Lemons, pineapples, and watermelon...

9.    Hot Pink :: Hot summer, hot pink!

10.    Burgers & Hotdogs :: If these were ranked... this one may take #1 right?


So that's it, thoughts? Any you think could have been added? You can use the Search box on the top left corner of the website to find more. :) Try searching "summer" or even browse the Solids and Foods collections  on the left for more fun options.