For small to large dogs - we've got you covered! Any dog could wear the Original size, but some larger breeds may prefer the Large size. Smaller dog breeds, or even cats, may prefer the Small size.
Mila Stella dog bow tie sizes
For reference, Mila is a 20ish pound Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she usually wears the Original size.
Now here is the same Mila in a size Large of the Black & White Gingham.
If you want the bow / bow tie to be a little large or "extra" you can size up! :)
Mila Stella in a large dog bow
Here is a Noche, a Chihuahua, wearing the Light Purple in the Original size
and the Tuxedo Black in the Small.
Here is Blue, a German Shephard, in the Tuxedo Black size Large.
Here is Harvey the bulldog in his preferred size Large in the Solid Green.
Harvey the bulldog in a size large green Mila stella dog bowtie
Neckties are also available in three sizes.
Questions? Feel free to ask! :)